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operatorsfilterstoolsspear phishing

Search Twitter more efficiently.


cybersec Every tweet with the word cybersec.

Quotation marks around the words "cyber security" is more specific.

"cyber security" -http is more aggressive.

security -information Tweets with security minus the word information.

opensource lang:en Open Source tweets in english. You can use fr, nl, ar, bg, cs and so on.

filter:verified elections Verified accounts tweeting about elections.

from:username Explanitory.

to:username -filter:links Tweets sent to username without links.

cybersec filter:retweets Supposed to show cybersec retweets.

cybersec exclude:retweets Cybersec without retweets.

filter:replies cybersecurity Replies with cybersecurity text.

exclude:replies cybersecurity Cybersecurity tweets with no replies.

security list:TIME/time-staff Accounts in security lists.

security min_retweets:10 Security tweets retweeted 10 or more times.

security min_faves:10 Security tweets liked/loved/hearted 10 or more times.

conference near:cityname List conferences near the cityname you enter.

security near:LA within:10mi Security tweets from anyone with-in a 10 mile radious Los Angelos. Change US city (2 uppercase letters) & mile radius number.

security reviews since:2018-01-01 until:2019-10-01 Security reviews from Jan. 01, 2018 to Nov. 01, 2019

hacking filter:links Hacking topics with links about that topic.

hacking filter:images Images about hacking. Add hashtag to define the search.

hacking filter:news Hacking topics with news source.

videos filter:safe Videos marked safe.

images filter:safe Images marked safe.

cybersec filter:media Media tweets about cybersec.

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Add these strings to your Muted Words list.

suggest_activity_tweet Stop feeding you tweets you might like.

suggest_recycled_tweet_inline Stop repeated tweets.

suggest_pyle_tweet Stop serving tweets because mutuals engaged with them.

suggest_grouped_tweet_hashtag Stop tweets associated with popular hashtags.

suggest_who_to_follow Self-explanatory.

generic-activity-momentsbreaking Keep tweets served simply because they're part of a Moment out of your feed.

suggest_activity Stop suggesting user activity.

suggest_activity_retweet Stop retweets from entire platform.

suggest_timeline_tweet Stop suggestions based on your timeline preferences.

suggest_recycled_tweet Stop any tweets considered to be recycled.




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url search

TweetDeck View multiple timelines in one easy interface

#coronavirus Credible Information

Manage Account

Personalization and Data

Your Twitter Data

Transparency Report

Search Guidelines

Advanced Search

Public Search


Twitter Rules and Policies

Offensive Content

Direct Messages

Data Protection Inquiry

Twitter API

API reference index

Resources for Researchers have been widely used by other academic researchers and have proven effective for many applications

tweet objects have a long list of ‘root-level’ attributes, including fundamental attributes such as id, created_at, and text



Best Tweets. Retweeted

TWINT - Twitter Intelligence Tool Python. Scrape without Twitter's API

x0rz Twitter Profile Analyzer Python. Activity. Hour, day, timezone, language set for interface, sources used (mobile application, web browser, ...), geolocations, most used hashtags, most retweeted users, most mentioned users, friends analysis based on most frequent timezones/languages

Twitter-Archive-Parser Python. Parse archives

Tweet Tunnel Archive of older tweets

twando is a PHP/MySQL Twitter management tool with a huge range of features. Monitor your followers, auto follow and unfollow, auto DM new followers, schedule tweets, search & mass follow new users and more

Create a simple Twitter bot by Allison Parrish

Find Twitter ID

About the Markov Chain Twitter Bot Build Your Own Free Twitter Follow Bot & Mass Unfollow Tool

Tweet Beaver Data on any non-private account. Output to csv

BackTweets is a twitter time machine which enables you to search through a tweet history for tweets that link back to your site

TweetDelete from your Twitter feed in bulk to protect your privacy or make a fresh start

UnFollowSpy 100% free social media management tool for Twitter

Twipu offers Twitter Videos, Photos, and who looked at your profile last

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spear phishing

Weaponizing Data Science for Social Engineering Automated E2E Spear Phishing on Twitter

SNAP_R project demonstrates the capability for automatically generating spear-phishing posts on social media. It uses two methods for generating text for the post: Markov models trained on the target's recent timeline statuses, and an LSTM Neural Network trained on a more general corpus.

BlackEye is an upgrade from original ShellPhish Tool ( by thelinuxchoice under GNU LICENSE. It is the most complete Phishing Tool, with 32 templates +1 customizable. WARNING: IT ONLY WORKS ON LAN! This tool was made for educational purposes!

SocialFish is a modern phishing tool with advanced functionality.

Maltego to Monitor Twitter for Disinformation Campaigns is a perfect platform for watching social media conversations unfold. With the added advantage of importing targets directly into Maltego for followup research or targeting, a hacker using Maltego to track social media can find all the key hashtags and users involved in the spread of information around an event, topic, or person.

Social Attacker is the first Open Source, Multi-Site, automated Social Media Phishing Framework. Automate the phishing of Social Media users on a mass scale by handling the connecting to, and messaging of targets.

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