WBTSec Services

Cybersecurity Awareness Training in Manitoba

I'm new to teaching this content and look forward to reviewing your feedback.

Employer and Employees will gain a new sense of security-maturity after completing this workshop.

· Program Overview
· Employee Questions
· Security Fundamentals
· Asset Security
· Physical Security
· How to Report Insider Threat
· Secure Workplace Comms: Remote and OnSite
· Password Management
· Phishing & Social Engineering Exercise
· Program Rehash
· Quiz
· Employee Questions
· Program Close

This program is designed to be fun as well as educational. It is important that your company undergoes cybersecurity training at least twice a year.

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Phishweb.xyz was created to spread Phishing Awareness.

Rhino Apparel
Rhino Apparel will be up and running soon. This project will sport my steel rhino collection.

50% proceeds will be donated to 1JustCity here in Winnipeg, MB.