My name is Shaun and I am an Internet Researcher, Coder, and Ethical Hacker.

Here you will find some of my smaller projects.

I created this website to share what I learn. More content will be added monthly.

Named Anchor and Attribute
Code Example — named anchor and id_attribute should be used more often instead of bouncing your visitors around multiple pages. Great for mobile and web development.

Click Here to see this chunk of code in action.

IP Blocklist
This List of IPs can be copied and pasted into your own Firewall settings. They are from brute force and spam attempts, and other related incidents terminated by my security settings.

Phishweb was created to spread Phishing Awareness.

Health and Fitness
If you give these an honest effort you will start to look great in no time.

Workout 1 will break in your body.
Workout 2 will help you develop a healthier physique.

My Services
If you're a small office that requires assistance Contact Me for a free consultation. I have 10 years worth of experience in IT and Computer Support, and the last 3 years have been dedicated to Ethical Hacking and Cybersecurity.

· Winnipeg and Surrounding Areas by Appointment
· 15 Workstations or Less (Server Hardening, PC, Laptop, Linux Box/OS, Tablet)
· Recommendation, Upgrade, Repair & Malware Removal
· Cybersecurity Awareness Training
· Phishing and Social Engineering Attack Simulations
· Secure Workplace Communication Best Practices
· Network Security Assessment, Performance, Troubleshooting
· Personal Computer Upgrade, Repair & Malware Removal
· Backup and Recovery Guidance
· On-Site Support until rapport is established for Remote Support
· Some problems can be resolved by phone
· Some conditions apply