About WBTSec

Whiteboard Tactics and Security provides cybersecurity resources for those who are looking to break into the industry. You will find study guides covering many topics, and tools to help develop your skills.

My name is Shaun and I am an Internet Researcher and Ethical Hacker. I got started in UNIX Mid Range Operations and then became a technician upgrading workstations, networking hardware for financial institutions and POS systems in box stores.

I left the IT world (don't ask why) and jumped into masonry, construction, and sales. Projects finished on time and within budget. The zen, discipline, and salary were good but after the years started to pass it was clear — I missed working in technology.

So, I went back to school to further my IT career.

Red River College - Information Technology and Project Management (current)
IBM Training and Cognitive - Cloud and Automation Management (current)
CompTIA Pentest+ (when I complete p. 1&2 of 8 from Project Management this is next)
z3r0trust - Ret. USMC SSG: Expert in Information Security and OSINT takes the time to write about His experiences and I consider every paper like an online course.
Hacks4Pancakes - Is a DFIR Industry Leader and Her advice on Infosec Careers has helped me and others tremendously.
Hasso Plattner Institute - Confidential Comms in the Internet, Digital IDs, Cyber Threats by Malware, Cybersecurity Basics Exam (completed 2021)
openSAP - Java Programming (current)
FreeCodeCamp - Java Programming (current)
Cybrary - Advanced Penetration Testing (completed 2019)
edX - CS50: Introduction to Computer Science (course updated since 2018, need to retake)
StationX - Complete CyberSec Course vol 1to4 (video course completed 2018)
HubSpot Acadamey - Marketing (current)
CompTIA - A+ (I need to retake as my cert expired many years ago)

HTML, CSS, PHP, and Visual Studio I use every day and consider myself an advanced cPanel/CentOS user. Python and Machine Learning I study in my spare time.

As for actual hacking I have taught myself through trial and error. Youtube, Guides on this website, Books I have bought, Coding Tactics, and simply messing up then fixing the error have all contributed to my experience.

Last but not least, special shout-out to the Twitter Fam who have shared their experiences and have provided resources I continue to use. You know who you are! Much Love!

Everyday is an opportunity to learn something new. Then apply it to enhance your life.