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My name is Shaun and I'm the owner of Whiteboard Tactics and Security. I'm from Manitoba and my experience started with Windows ME-XP, Visual Basic 6, and an A+ certification. I got hired and trained as a UNIX Mid Range Operator. I then became a field technician upgrading workstations, networking hardware, and POS systems for financial institutions and big box stores.

I've remotely administered small office databases, upgraded websites, and consulted those clients on how to better secure their networks and internal systems.

I took some time away from IT and went back to masonry, construction, and sales. Projects finished on time and within budget. I love the zen, discipline, and hard work that comes with but my true calling has always been technology. So I went back to school through Red River College to meet today's IT demands. Further, I have completed related courses through Cybrary, edX, Station X, and HubSpot Acadamey.

My goal is to provide up-to-date learning material that will benefit those who are looking to break into this industry. Patience is required when securing networks and web servers. Coding, hacking, and making mistakes is also part of the package.

As a White Hat you take things apart, learn the internals, put it back together, and offer a more secure solution keeping functionality in mind.

Thank you for your patience as I continue editing WBTSec.