About WBTSec

Whiteboard Tactics and Security provides cybersecurity resources for those who are looking to break into the industry. You will find study guides covering many topics, and tools to help develop your skills.

My name is Shaun and I am an Internet Researcher and Ethical Hacker from Winnipeg. I started in UNIX Mid Range Operations and then became a technician upgrading workstations, networking hardware for financial institutions, and POS systems in box stores. I also worked in masonry and construction for many years.

Industry Influence
Ian Barwisian - Ret. USMC SSG: Expert in Information Security and OSINT takes the time to write about His experiences and I consider every paper like an online course.

Lesley Carhart - Ret. US Military: DFIR Expert and Industry Leader takes the time to write about Her experiences and provides sound advice on Infosec Careers.

Hacking takes an Iron Will through trial and error. It takes Time. Experience. Patience. Research. Procedure. Humility. Breaking the law (I bet you didn't ask for permission). A healthy understanding of Networking. Certifications.

· Are you a natural ninja?
· How do computers work?
· How do web apps work?
· Do you always use the same device?
· Have you performed enough recon?
· What is the CIA purpose?
· Do you understand Methedologies?
· Why did you choose that VM & OS? Hype?
· What do you know about exploits?
· Do you understand wireless technologies?
· Do you write your own scripts?
· Can you unbrick that brick?
· Risk Assessments?
· Do you participate in CTFs & Hack Challenges?
· Do you know what you're looking for?

If you find something during a penetration test will you disclose it responsibly?

Sharp Social Engineering Skills (SSES) comes in handy too!