BASH Unix Quick Reference

bash linux reference

Here you will find a quick reference for the BASH Unix Command Line.

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Wiping A Hard Drive

wiping data from a hard drive

Here you will find the commands used to wipe data from hard drives.

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Ethical Hacker Mini Quiz

questions and answers every hacker should know

Here you will find 35 questions and answers every Ethical Hacker and IT Support Person should know.

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Password Management

Password Management Tools

Use for management, recovery, cracking, and stress testing your password or phrase.

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Python for Beginners

Python Video Course for Beginners

This video course is a great introduction to the Python Programming Language.

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Fraud and Scams

Information Gathering

Tactics criminals use to commit fraud and perfom scams.

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Passive Reconnaissance

Information Gathering Online

Passively gather information about your target. DNS records, web technologies, subdomains, sensitive and discoverable files, analysis.

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Twitter Open Source Intelligence

Twitter Open-Source Intelligence

Get the most out of Twitter with these tools.

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Public DNS Servers

Public DNS Provider List

Stop ISP Eavesdropping and improve your online privacy with Public DNS Servers.

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5 Phases of a Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack 5 Phases

Here you will find the five phases of a cyber attack.

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